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Crime is a severe problem in the United States. Each day, you hear about someone else committing a misdemeanor or felony and ending up in jail. Then there are crimes that you don't know people have committed. They might have done time in prison, and now, they are in your community or working in your company.

Are you sure that your social circle is free of criminals? Can you trust your neighbors? What about the person you're about to hire to work in your home? Unless you conduct a criminal background check, you can't be sure that you're safe. Background checks are a fast and easy way to vet the people around you, so you know for sure that you aren't putting yourself and your family at risk.

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What to Expect When Running a Background Check

When you run background checks for criminal records, you can expect to receive information about local, state, and federal convictions. You might receive additional information as well, depending on what data the local law enforcement officials gather. For instance, you might receive information about past arrests and warrants, as well as pending, dismissed, and acquitted charges. A criminal history check doesn't include any information about expunged records, though. Those records are removed from public view, so you cannot access them.

How to Perform a Background Search

You have lots of options for running background checks. If you have lots of time on your hands, you can go to local police stations and public offices. Since these stations and offices only provide records for crimes committed in their jurisdictions, you will have to run from one location to the next. This becomes exceptionally tricky if someone moved from out-of-state. You could end up on a cross-country fact-finding mission.

You can also request background checks through the mail. While you don't have to drive from one office to the next, you can expect a waiting game. It could take weeks or months to get the information. By then, it might be too late. If you need immediate answers, you cannot wait for the mail system to tell you if someone is a convicted criminal.

If you want quick answers in the shortest period, choose online background checks. Along with speeding up the process, performing a background check online lets you maintain your privacy. You don't want the world to know that you're checking up on someone. Instead, you want to keep it private, which you can do with an online background check service.

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Is Your Background Clear?

Are you about to apply for a new job or go for a promotion? Do you think that someone might be checking up on you? You can run a background check on yourself. Find out what's contained in your criminal history report. Do you have an arrest that didn't lead to a conviction that you thought was long buried? It could be in your report. You might even find inaccurate information that you need to fix. Get out in front of the problem by running a background check today.

Knowledge Is the Key to Safety

You have the right to know if people have been convicted of crimes. It's part of the public record, and you can access it to protect yourself and make informed decisions. For instance, you don't want to hire a babysitter who has a felony record. Take the necessary precautions by running background checks. This service is fast, convenient, and secure. You can run the checks in the privacy of your home or office, and no one has to be the wiser.

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